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We live in Boston. Been here for a handful of years now. We do not claim to know everything about Boston. We do not care about any type of political activism or anything many may have or may not have heard about Boston.

This website and the associated YouTube are just that – Just Us in Boston. Hence, the name. We are merely sharing how we experience Boston and a chance for others to look through the view that we see every day.

We can say with an extremely high degree of confidence that we truly and genuinely use the city and the associated resources extensively and have the ability and rational sense to share our insight with others. We use the T. We hate driving and avoid it at all costs. We walk a lot. We ride bikes. We REALLY use the parks and playgrounds. The little one grew up on these playgrounds. Franklin Park. Boston Public Garden. Arnold Arboretum. Greenway. Paul Revere Park. North Point Park. Jamaica Pond. Christopher Columbus Park. Esplanade. We are here in person using these multiple times per month or week.

Of course we love and support our sports teams. We also support other events like concerts, live music, and performing arts to include ballet and theatre.

Here are a few resources that we own that you will see blended into our content:

JustUsBoston.com YouTube

Boston Bike YouTube

SeatsForEveryone.com – Tickets and Calendar of Events